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Truck Mounted Pumps 38X-5RZ/160
• Compact in design, 38m pump mounted on a 3-axle truck.

Boom intelligent damping technology:The soft control of booms in starting, slewing and stopping reduces the impacting vibration of booms and therefore makes the vehicle operate more stably, reliably and safely.

Accurate pumping control technology(APC):Great leap of pumping accuracy and adaptability, improving pump efficiency.

Adaptive concrete material pumping technology: Improve pumping control system for poor concrete with segregation and big viscosity, and auto-adaptive pumping mode, reducing the block rate by more than 50%.

Pump UnitMaximum theorical output                  m3/h  
Maximum pressure on concrete   bar
Conc. cylinders (diam. x stroke)                    mm230x1650
Concrete hopper capacity                            L550
Hydraulic circuit                                
Boom Section
Maximum vertical reach                          mm37.1
Maximum horizontal distance                   m32.8
Minimum unfolding height                      m8
Section numbers m5
Rotating angle ±270°
End hose lenght                 m3
Construction Case Picture
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