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Rotary Drilling Rig ZR240C-3
  • The rear main winch with single-layer-rope drum and twin reducers mechanism, which extends service life of the steel wire rope significantly.

  • High construction efficiency due to big flow main pump, multi-gear rotary drive, and two-speed crowd cylinder.

  • More stable structure and stronger bearing capacity due to the 5th generation rotary drive, large supporting angle of the mast cylinder, lower center of gravity, and reinforced chassis .

  • One key for folding cathead, fixed mast support。 Equipment can be transferred easily and quickly。

  • Version 2.0 power matching and limit load control technology, working efficiency increased by 10%.

  • New generation cab with better vision, more comfortable operation, new electrical control panel. 360 degree full view monitoring.

  • Options:Crowd winch (stroke 15。5m), auto-lubrication, spin-off。

Drilling Diameter(mm)2000
Drilling Depth(m)inter-locking56
Drilling Speed(r/min)6~25
Engine ModelCummins QSL9
Rated Power(kw)242
Rated Engine Speed(r/min)2000
Max.Crowd Force(kN)220
Max.Crowd Cylinder Pull(kN)230
Line Pull(main winch)(kN)240
Line Speed(main winch)(m/min)70
Line Pull(aux.winch)(kN)90
Line Speed(aux.winch)(m/min)80
Operating Mass(t)76
Traction Force(kN)423
Rope diameter(Main winch)(mm)32
Rope diameter(auxiliary winch)(mm)22
Construction Case Picture
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