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Rotary Drilling Rig ZR220A

• The main winch is located underneath the mast,making it very convenient to observe the walking rope;
• The over-loading proof device of the crowding system can protect the Kelly bar effectively and make full use of capacity of the machine to ensure verticality of the borehole;
• Zoomlion’s specific-use in-house telescopic-crawler undercarriage is used to achieve superior stability and transport convenience;
• The automatic engine power control system jointly controls engine speed, hydraulic system pressure and main pump displacement to protect the engine to the most extent, making the engine more economic, efficient, reliable and keeping the machine in the optimum operating status;
凤凰彩票开户• Drilling tools for different purposes with different purposes with different specifications such as long or short augers, generic-use drilling buckets and core barrels, etc., are equipped to satisfy construction requirements in different geological conditions.

Drilling Diameter(mm)2000
Drilling Depth(m)inter-locking48
Drilling Speed(r/min)7-26
Engine ModelCummins QSL9
Rated Power(kw)242
Rated Engine Speed(r/min)2000
Max.Crowd Force(kN)180
Max.Crowd Cylinder Pull(kN)200
Line Pull(main winch)(kN)200
Line Speed(main winch)(m/min)63
Line Pull(aux.winch)(kN)110
Line Speed(aux.winch)(m/min)66
Operating Mass(t)74
Traction Force(kN)423
Diesel Tank(L)68
Rope diameter(Main winch)(mm)28
Rope diameter(auxiliary winch)(mm)22
Construction Case Picture
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